I work on product / mobile / customer experience challenges
to come up with great solutions.

I sit in your product seat to amplify, refine and execute your product, either working as the only product person in your company/group, or as an adjunct resource to help you define, refine and finish those important products that ‘never quite see the light of day.’

I’ve helped SaaS companies like EachScape develop their enterprise facing and b2c products, helped KnowMe create production ready, launchable mobile applications from working prototype, worked with ClearChannel to launch three audio mobile products for their larger properties and built product process for organizations like We-Care.

Beyond running your product group, I help organizations set their product strategy, by understanding what assets they currently have, what additional features they need to build and how to create a product narrative that allows products to ship fast and iterate to fit the opportunity. 

I am energized by mentoring, helping start-ups like Dash.by, Gloss GeniusImpact Health, Jewelbots, and  MindMate on how they bring their own product vision and meaning to market.

Let's figure out how to work together.

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All photography provided by Jared Chambers